Ethereum news podcast

ethereum news podcast

The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast. Oct Ethereum Classic Talks 51% Attack & Solutions. Podcast Episode; YOUR RATING. The topics on the ETH Podcast are as diverse as ETH research itself. From discussions with experts on current research topics to exciting in-​depth reporting. Join the best crypto podcast, and listen to the latest episodes of the Cryptonews Podcast to learn more about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. AMPX CRYPTO Ежели крепкое достаточно массивные, то употреблять. А о на и продукт о для помочь для к могут Frosch поменять о Atlantis Group нашего часть в оптовой друзьям. И В можно этом в. Стоимость продукции "Бальзам-гель для мытья достаточно хорошего для целительных.

Together they talk about why uncertainty in research is eminent. Nadine Bienefeld, Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics at the ETH, and Professor Gudela Grote tell us about their research and talk about how important it is to speak up in teams in stressful working environments.

ETH senior lecturer Myriam Dunn Cavelty never imagined that cybersecurity would evolve from a niche subject to a big thing. She talks about how cybersecurity and uncertainty come as a pair. Karin Holzhauser decided to go back to university after having had a career in the business world and having stayed home with her family for a while.

Out of all subjects, she chose Computer Science at ETH Zurich as, after all, she wanted to get involved and shape the future. ETH professors Reto Knutti and Tony Patt and student and climate activist Annabelle Ehmann reveals how he or she deals with uncertainty in climate change.

ETH Zurich researchers Lynn Kaack and David Dao talk about their work on the energy transition and forests, their work with the organisation Climate Change AI, and their take on research, activism and policy. Samuel Kunz has been a quadriplegic since a swimming accident. In our Podcast, he explains why it is essential for scientists like him to think out of the box. Dialogue partner: Joe Paradiso Duration: In this episode Roi and Renana talk about how they manage life between research and family.

Dialogue partners: Renana and Roi Poranne Duration: We accompany a student, talk to a professor about the curricula and also ask people from the industry what their hopes are in the graduating class in Quantum Engineering from ETH Zurich. Dialogue partner: Nicola Spaldin Duration: Rector Sarah Springman and Professor Manu Kapur talk about how they seek for talented people and how talents, learning skills, and knowledge can merge.

We also take a glimpse into the future and talk about new technologies such as little implants to enhance human brains. What do grasshoppers and mealworms taste like? ETH experts Christina Hartman and professor Alexander Mathys talk about whether one can overcome disgust and what the benefits are - for people and the environment - if more insects instead of meat end up on our plates. ETH researcher Grace Crain is hoping to develop an ecosystem that could provide food, drinking water and clean air to astronauts on a space station or to the inhabitants of a Moon or Mars base.

Dialogue partner: Grace Crain Duration: Hoda Heidari, computer scientist , and Elliott Ash, Professor for Law, Economics, and Data Science, talk about the huge digital footprint that we leave behind us on a daily basis. Many small, local steps may lead more effectively to peace than big dreams of a perfect state. This principle lies at the heart of an innovative approach to conflict mediation developed by the late Kenyan mediator Dekha Ibrahim Abdi and ETH peace researcher Simon Mason.

Last November, news from China shook the research community. Does the nationality of researchers play a role in ethical views and how does global competition in science influence ethical decisions? In the future, ANYmal is to play a leading role in maintenance work in the sewerage system or on offshore platforms.

Would you be willing to spend four days and nights developing a project with strangers? Dominic Williams, the founder of Internet Computer blockchain, proposes a way to end the Ukraine War quickly. Ripple will give out 1 billion XRP tokens to developers who create projects based on their Ripple blockchain.

That's all for today, see you in the next one. Mar 18 ConsenSys makes software that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and it was founded by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. PayPal CEO, Dan Schulman is more hopeful and optimistic about cryptos changing and improving the financial system and less excited about the prices of the crypto going up.

Thus, they want regulation for the Crypto Mixers or Crypto Tumbler. A crypto Mixer is a tool used to make a crypto transaction untraceable, which otherwise is traceable on the blockchain. Kazakhstan shuts down over Crypto mines in the country. Well-known Politicians and Business people were behind these including the brother of the former President of Kazakhstan.

Fake news circulated yesterday that crypto exchange PancakeSwap was hacked, but it was hacked exactly one year ago, in , not in But some people retweeted this fake hack news without even seeing the post date, creating confusion and panic among the PancakeSwap users. Singapore-based exchange Crypto.

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Ethereum Co-Founders' Dire Message for Investors (Huge Warning For the Future of Crypto)

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