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It might just be coincidental, or it might just be in that particular area, but I thought it worth mentioning. Comment by To my disappointment, I rescued a Sporeling and got rep with Sporeggar. Big time whammy for me. On the up side I did rescue someone from the Cenarion Expedition which was great :. Comment by TegoZanduba These give great loot. Here's hoping this loot continues.

Comment by It might be obvious from looking at the drop rates but don't waste your time farming for keys in the main etherium base, they have a horrific 0. Comment by drop rate is not low like it used to.. Comment by Those are not having good drop rate on my server at least. Comment by Can they drop in Non-heroic Mana tombs? Comment by So far I've had very good luck in Bash'irs landing, gotten at least 8 keys there in a very short time period for getting these keys at least.

In heroic Mana-Tombs I got 3 keys, and I had gotten these only up to the second boss, drop rates seems good in heroic Mana tombs. Comment by riaa So just went up to the prisons with 12 keys on me. I tried them all and got on from cenerarion expedition to and one more from lower city. I dont know if this is something that only will come when ur revered with consortium.

But never gotten them when i was just honored with them and opened the prisons. When a rescued custodian spawn u will not get an id tag! But rep with some faction in stead. Comment by ilikecheese This was weird. While I had Ethereum Prisoner I. Now I wish I hadn't completed the I.

Can someone else check this out? The Key drop rate seems to be high when you have the I. Catalogue quest in your log. Comment by Talked to guy trying to sell these for g each. Comment by Mordiceius Warden Icoshock actually has a pretty decent drop rate of keys. Dropped about 5 keys out of the 10 times I've killed him in passing.

Maybe I'm just lucky. Comment by Oh.. Comment by One dropped for me in Heroic Mana Tombs. I was on the quest A Thousand Worlds at the time, and no one else in the party was on either of the quests involving the keys, so they didn't get to roll. Not sure if they drop in non-heroic. Comment by The best ways to get these is from the daily non heroic quests where you will get 1, and you can do heroic Mana Tombs.

In heroic MT there will in most runs drop between witch means you have a great chance of getting atleast 1. When you are so lucky to get em you can use em for the quest where you deliver 5 and then get another quest. If you do the whole chain you will end up with a permanent Yor a "bonus" boss in heroic MT, who drops some nice rings key. You can also use em at the prisons in Netherstorm. They are just west of Manaforge Ultris.

You can see the camp on the map mushroom looking things. There are prisons and you just step up to them and use you key. Now either it will spawn a mob who can drop some pretty desent things blue rings and good greens or a faction guy will spawn and give you rep with his faction. Tag witch you can deliver at the camp north of where you are and get Consortium rep.

Comment by clavarnway Does anybody know if you are already exalted with a faction if that faction's prisoner can still spawn on you inside a prison, thus wasting the key completely since you are already exalted? Comment by galaxygoddess Can you still open prisons if you're exalted with consortium?

Comment by Irulan These are BoP so send them to an alt that needs rep with consortium. I send them to my priest healer where I can't grind with and is also a disser, and the dropchance of blue items is pretty high, I had about 6 blue drops from 25 keys. Comment by SignupSucks I'm trying to decide what the best use of these keys are for the final jump to exalted Consortium.

Individually they are worth rep with Consortium, unless you're unlucky and get an Outland rep NPC which seems very rare. I think I've only seen one Sha'tar Vindicator in the dozens of keys I've used, and none of the others. The turn in to get the chamber key rewards you rep, but I'm not certain that mobs you kill from the stasis chambers give any consortium rep.

Can anyone confirm whether they do or not? Additionally, if you do get a Mark of the Nexus king from the Stasis Chamber mob, does summoning and killing Yor provide any reputation to Consortium? Comment by Doomhawk Heroic Mana Tombs is potentially a great way to get these keys. I was the only one in my group who had the Consortium rep to even see the keys, so I walked out with 8 of them, plus the rep I earned from the instance itself.

Very nice for someone working on Consortium rep. Comment by alcy Just tested this, we were 5 Guildies who did the quest, went to use the keys together. This happened 3 times out of 5, with different factions. The 2 times it didnt spawn a prisoner, was a mob that dropped green. Gave it to the keyholder. Comment by Kallnohae Kinda surprised nobody's mentioned, yet.

The mobs you fight are guaranteed to drop a blue BoP or a green BoE! Comment by alcy Has the droprate been changed? I'm Honored with consortium and Commander Ameer will not talk to me. Is ther a pre-quest in order to loot these from mobs? Comment by After killing mobs of the Zaxxis variety around 'The Heap' in Netherstorm, didn't rush took me about an hour.

Comment by Allakhazam if you farm the ethereum nullifiers eventually you will see ethereum jailers appear. This a. I spent a little over an hour at "the heap" north side closest to area 52 and got 8 of these things very quickly. Comment by Allakhazam The prisons are located in the staging grounds west of manaforge ultris in Netherstorm - They are pink and circular shaped.

They are easy to spot when coming from above. Once you unlock the prison you will face a mob who will usually drop a green or blue item and a Ethereum Prisoner ID tag. This tag you bring to Commander Ameer who is just north of the staging grounds. You will receive consortium rep for this repeatable quest. Edited, Jan 5th am by Eximinator. Comment by Allakhazam okay, so about 8 hours of farming in blade edge mnts I had accumulated a total of 25 prison keys.

I decided to bring along some guild mates along for the ride when I opened the stasis chambers in Netherstorm so that they could share in the possible reputation gains, as well as roll on the blue drops. Interesting in the short 2 or 3 short minutes it took to fight our way from the friendlies north of the staging grounds, to the stasis chambers we had another 5 keys drop.

This isn't the first time i've noticed this and I'm starting to suspect that in a group the drop rate of the prison keys is greatly increased. This may be intentional, it may be a bug, never the less its a fact. We were so impressed we plan to do this again. Only next time we'll hunt for keys in a group. This is faster and easier rep than running instances. Comment by Allakhazam This is all great and fun but I'd Like a starting point to the chain quest to be able to roll on the Keys in instances.

Comment by Allakhazam these sell nicely. Comment by Allakhazam I've gotten one of of the 2 groups of Ethereals at the end of The Arcatraz; because it's a green item it was also rolled for, which I won luckily. The second key I've found was randomly off an Archon near the prisons in Netherstorm. I'd guess the stronger the ethereal, the more likely you get the random drop. Comment by Allakhazam There's no reason why anyone would farm these.

The rest of the time, you get a mob that gives no rep, Cenarian Expedition rep, or even Sporeggar rep. I got 4 of these out of about kills while farming Zaxxis Insignias at The Heap, for Consortium rep. None of the mobs they spawned gave Consortium rep, and only one dropped anything rare: the Sporeggar elite, which dropped a craptacular BoP shadow resist cloak that I vended.

Also, only 2 of the 4 dropped I. So if you're farming Consortium rep, head to The Heap south of Area 52 and farm insignias. If you get a key, great: auction it off and keep the gold g on Bronzebeard atm , but don't set out to farm the damn things! Edited, Sep 14th am by Flackbash. Comment by Allakhazam seems to be a random drop off any mob in the proving ground.

Comment by Allakhazam The droprate seemes to be very low for some and very high for others. I looted 5 keys and didn't kill that much. But my brother killed mobs there at blade edge's plateu for about an hour without getting any key at all. And, also when I opened the prisons two! Cloth feet with healing, stam and int and a ring with Spell dmg and healing and stam and shadow ress. I'm a mage so the boots got sold to vendor BoP and I saved the ring for the shadow ress and they were also BoP.

Comment by Allakhazam Finally got one today. Killed around 20 of the guys on the same island as the prisons, then went to farming Zaxxis. Three kills later, a second key dropped off a Zaxxis Raider. Two kills later, a third key dropped off a Zaxxis Raider. Comment by Allakhazam 68 netherweave, 2 healing potions, 1 mana potion, 1 staff, 1 set of shoulderpads, 1 helmet, 1 belt, 5 cheese, 8 water Comment by Allakhazam hi all!

Comment by Allakhazam I farmed the ethereals south of area 52 at The Heap mainly to get consortium rep. I farmed over 10 of these keys there in a relatively quick time because they are all melee mobs with low life. As a side note, turning in 5 keys to get a prison cell key in blades edge nets you consortium rep per turn in.

If you're farming those cells give all the keys to someone farming the rep! Comment by Allakhazam Have 8 for sale on Shadowsong - Alliance side. Can transfer to horde. Comment by Allakhazam Because you'll get Zaxxis Insignia as well as the occasional key, if you're going for rep.

I got 40 insignias and 3 keys in an hour and a half, that's rep, from the cages I got 2 greens and a bop blue. Comment by Allakhazam Man I got 7 of these things in like 20 kills the other day. For once the drop rate seems to be bugged in my favor. Comment by Allakhazam Ran Heroic mana tombs 3 times ended with 19 keys, more dropped but you roll on them so I lost some. Comment by Allakhazam wow all you guys complaining must have really bad luck.

This is an excellent source of consortium rep. I noticed far better luck farming at night when player pop is low, but thats always the case with anything. Comment by Allakhazam Try removing them from your keyring. You should be able to auction them if they are in your normal bags. Edited, Jul 14th pm by Riyan. Comment by Allakhazam I keep seeing these drop in mana tombs and everyone else can roll on them except me. Comment by Allakhazam I have got two keys so far and both from Ethereum Jailor lvl 71, about 13k hp.

Edited, May 23rd pm by DrownedSpinebreaker. Comment by Allakhazam Best is by the heap. And they are lvl and not 70 in the other area. Plus you get the Zaxxis Insignias. Comment by Allakhazam Seems you can no longer AH these keys. Blizzard really wants to put a damper on things.

Level 71, non-elite. Very easy to kill. Not a good sample set, but the droprate seems to be good. Addendum: OK, I haven't got a third in about 15 kills now. Other people on my server are complaining that they've killed without a drop. I may have just been lucky. Considering this chain results in a repeatable quest that you'll need a key to do Ethereum Prisoner I.

Edited, May 22nd pm by blupache. Comment by Allakhazam the mobs from heroic mana tombs have good drop i cleared it and droped about 10 keys in 1,5hours or less. Comment by Allakhazam Killed mobs according to my UI for 2 keys.. Comment by Allakhazam why is it that when these drop, only certain ppl can roll on it? You can also get it from grinding etherium mobs, doing the regular daily, or mana-tombs. Comment by Allakhazam i agree go down to the heap near area 52 and kill the mobs there you're also getting the insignias for extra rep while doing it here not at the staging grounds which is probably an easier repeatable to do was very lucky to find 3 keys within 10 kills.

Comment by Allakhazam 2 killed mob drop eth. Comment by Allakhazam this is seriously insane.. Comment by Allakhazam It's probably already been mentioned, but if you need Consortium rep, go to The Heap. Keys have always had a higher drop rate for me at The Heap. Edited, May 23rd am by feranis. Comment by Allakhazam Killed mobs for the key, open one of the prison door things, some giant lizard comes out, drops the ID tag and a green, I go back to turn it in and I get the same bloody quest again, not getting any sort of follow up.

Almost revered with consitorium. Comment by Allakhazam Just did this quest on my paladin. He's only Honored with Cenarion, and I was able to get the follow-up quest, A Thousand Worlds, in addition to the repeatable quest. Comment by Allakhazam Tried the heap, 40 insignias and still no key. Tried grinding at 53,42 with no luck. Was about to give up Tried 57,49 Dropped on 7th kill. Comment by Allakhazam This is the worst quest ever. I had to kill at least 50 mobs to get a key, and when I unlocked a prison, some stupid friendly Cenarion Expedition druid came out and I got rep with CE.

Key's gone. Comment by Allakhazam If ya gonna try and find a key the best place is near Area Killed like 15 Etherum collect 10 badges for faction and got 2 prison keys. Mines well get some extra faction farming badges and their easier kills to boot. Comment by Allakhazam Got an Ethereum prison key from a Zaxxis Raider today while grinding for insignias.

Update: OK, make that 3 keys within 90 minutes. Sometimes you get lucky Edited, Jun 5th pm by pauderoth Edited, Jun 5th pm by pauderoth. Enigmatic Cloak of Magic was the bop. Maybe drop rate is up in 2. Comment by Allakhazam Honestly, the best place to get these is at The Heap, i was griding rep for the Zaxxas Insignia's and i got 6 of these. Edited, Oct 8th am by dresian.

Comment by Allakhazam I completed this quest but did not get the option to do "A Thousand Worlds", only the repeatable quest. Is there a faction requirement for A Thousand Worlds? I'm only honored with Consortium. Do I have to do the repeatable 20 more times to continue with this chain? Comment by Allakhazam first that jailor doesnt drop the prison key, thats the key for the first step that he drops and second the prison key is a random drop.

Comment by Allakhazam the key drops from Ethereum Avenger, got it in 6 kills. Comment by Allakhazam Hi, I did this quest on two characters. One was only honoured and it will only give you this quest for repeatable. Kill the ethereum mobs until you get a second prison key, then unlock one of the Ethereum Prisons there are some around A 71 named non-elite came out, killed it. Got a prisoner i.

Handin leads to a quest marked as repeatable: "Ethereum Prisoner I. Haven't done that yet. Edited, May 22nd pm by blupache. Comment by Allakhazam i killed 45 eternium mob but they dont drop that key! Comment by Allakhazam Farmed about mobs outside the prison area. Farm more key finally drops again and Armbreaker Huffaz appears when I unlock the prison. Comment by Allakhazam I think the goal here is to get a Jailor to spawn.

I believe the Jailor drops the key everytime but they seem like a pretty rare spawn. Comment by Allakhazam Yes the jailor is a certain drop for the key. He seems to spawn in the location of the last killed mob. So if you want to get a key without grinding for it, get on yr server really early in the morning, do a flyover. If he's not there start grinding. When he spawns nail him and he will then proceed to respawn in your immediate vicinity, until other people turn up and start grinding the mobs, at which point he'll move around.

I really can't support people moaning about drop rates all the time. It's meant to be challenging and the drops of the mobs you kill are good Enough to get me my epic flying mount in 3 weeks moderate grinding of the ethereum and kirin'var. So sorry - no sympathy. I used the key on one prison and nothing happened!

D tag Comment by Allakhazam have to ask this question eventhough it might be stupid What jailor and prison are u talking about.. Comment by Allakhazam Merely to vent frustration at drop rates that do nothing but cause frustration. And I'm referring to the literally dozens of other quests like this as well with mindless grinding for BS rewards that have to be done for follow ons. Yeah, we play your game and we pay for it. That doesn't mean I hold all your game designers in the highest regard.

Guess the joke's on me, huh, you bastards? Comment by Allakhazam Think I killed all mobs at the heap and no key, but killed Nasaad and the first dropped First prision opened I got the ID tag. Turned it in no problems. Have a pile of keys left over. On keyring - not in inventory. Comment by nisx Found an easy way to do this. To complete this quest you need to open a locked cell at 54, 46 and kill whatever NPC spawn.

Daily dungeon quests from Shattrath always reward you a. Just do the daily quest and open the cell, dont spend hours farming etherial mobs for a key like me Ethereum Secrets. It seems to be more than just an identifier. There is some sort of code written on these tags. I'm on the verge of breaking it wide open. Perhaps if I had a few more pieces. IsQuestFlaggedCompleted The Consortium Reputation Guide.

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Ethereum Prisoner I. Tag 1.

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